Feedback from Spring 2016-2017 Classes

Responses from MUS1660 Guitar for Music Therapy

• Professor Horne is one of the best professors I have had in the School of Music. He is extremely approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He has helped me to have a firm foundation of guitar skills as a future therapist, and a great basis of repertoire and stylistic choices, as well. I would highly recommend his class to anyone, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with him.

• Guitar class is great- I love that Mr. Horne values student input and asks our opinions on what would be most practical skills to work on. I genuinely enjoy coming to this class.
I wish we did more videos. Even weekly would have been nice. More feedback and timely responses would make it even better. Other than that, he is a wonderful professor.

• John Horne is an amazing teacher. Everything we learn is extremely practical and I always know what is expected of me.

• Professor Horne is the perfect teacher for this class. Folk guitar is my favorite class to go to.

• I wish there were courses offered for guitar 3 and 4 for music therapy majors. For the amount that we as student music therapists use guitar in sessions with clients, I think adding more training in guitar could only increase our skill and level of comfort in playing guitar for therapeutic use in the future and could allow us as students to take more time learning more difficult concepts such as bar chords, fingerpicking, and jazz chords.

• I wish there were more semesters to work on guitar skills. I personally use my guitar than I do piano, and with only two semesters I feel as though the two instruments are not fairly equivalent in the use of practicality. To have 6 semesters of piano and only 2 semesters of guitar, the skills should be equal with equal semesters possible.

•Professor Horne is a great, and easy professor to get along with. Very easily likable and is constantly presenting material that is challenging and clearly helping students better themselves as musicians. Professor Horne also uses music theory and alternative ways for students to understand content that we are working on.

Responses from MUS1651 Guitar for Non-Music Majors

• Helped me get over my singing stage fright. I highly recommend this class to all levels of experience in guitar. John Horne knows what he is doing when it comes to music. It was kind of like being in a band. I had fun and I learned much more than I thought I would, despite having been playing guitar for so long. It sparked my interest in more classical form of guitar, of which I intend to pursue further.

Music Distinguished Teaching Award Nominations

Nomination #1

Time known: 1-2 semesters

Association with Faculty Nominee: Class Guitar I and II

Teaching Ability: Professor Horne knows exactly what he is talking about in class. He also serves the music therapy students in his class. He teaches us specifically what we will need in our career.

Service & Dedication to the Profession: Professor Horne not only teaches classes, but also teaches private lessons outside of school. He cares about his students and making sure we get what we need to be successful.

Service & Dedication to the Ohio University School of Music, its students, faculty, and alumni: Professor Horne continually works with AMTAS to teach restringing guitar and teaching us about how to keep our guitar in good condition.

Additional Commentary: Professor Horne’s class is my favorite part of the day. He is warm and kind to the students and we always have a nice time. We all feel like we are prepared when going to practicum and playing the guitar for clients. Many students believe that Professor Horne deserves this award.

Nomination #2

Time known: 1-2 semesters

Association with Faculty Nominee: Class Guitar I and II

Teaching Ability: I have learned functional guitar skills very quickly because of how Professor Horne teaches his class. He knows what music therapy students need to know and focuses on those aspects in order for us to learn how to accompany ourselves in sessions.

Service & Dedication to the Profession: Professor Horne is someone that will answer any question I have about guitar as soon as he is able to and is someone all the students
can rely on. He shows that he cares about us improving and gives helpful feedback whenever we need it.

Service & Dedication to the Ohio University School of Music, its students, faculty, and alumni: Professor Horne has been a great teacher to the music therapy students and to individual students taking private lessons with him. He also allows non-therapy majors to be involved in the class although they are not required to take it and welcomes them as if they are a part of the group.

Feedback from Fall 2016-2017 Classes

Responses from MUS1650 Guitar for Music Therapy

• I love this class – Mr. Horne is engaging and tailors the class to match the abilities of his students. I look forward to going to class!

• John Horne is absolutely one of my favorite professors that I have had at Ohio University, I enjoy attending his class and feel I haveimproved a good deal during the semester. Can’t wait to have class with him again next semester!

• Love him. He is such a great teacher.

• Made me feel successful on an instrument I have never been great with!

• My guitar skills have improved so much in just one semester of guiar. I was challenged every class and there were always multiple ways provided of how to play something to make it more challenging which met everyone where they were.

• Overall the class is wonderful and I enjoy it and it makes me feel like I can really am learning. I just wish that there was an update every few weeks of our grade. Overall the class is very effective and really teaches us guitar. I would love to see one one-on-one work though out the class but I honestly love this class.

• Professor Horne is a wonderful guitar teacher. He is extremely helpful in class and offers helpful advice every day. I wish I knew what I had in the class, not knowing my grade in any class is very stressful. But I am confident that if I was doing poorly, he would let me know. I look forward to another semester of guitar!

• This was my favorite class this semester

• Dr. Horne is an excellent guitarist and Professor and consistently presents the material in a way that is both challenging but concise for the class to learn. I have never played guitar before, and he has helped me to have a firm foundation to continue learning and an inspiration to keep learning more.

• He is very patient. I really like this class.

• John Horne is a great professor. Our class is at 8:35 in the morning and he is a great way to start off the day- especially that early. I really appreciate how accommodating his curriculum for students who have never played the guitar until now- me. John Horne is really funny and is a good teacher.

Responses from MUS2550 Jazz Combo

• I love this class. I look forward to it every week, and I learn a lot every time we meet. Professor Horne does a great job creating a comfortable environment where each person can experiment.

• It has been a pleasure to have professor Horne as an ensemble director this year. He chose appropriate rep and asked for suggestions from the group. As a group I felt that we really loved our rep this semester for that reason. His directions were very clear and he used rehearsal time very effectively. His vast knowledge of Jazz music and performance is evident in each piece of advice he gives the members of the ensemble. His positive attitude and love of jazz music really unified and motivated the group. He also created materials such as arrangements or additional parts to songs. Professor Horne is an extremely effective director and a joy to learn from.

• Professor Horne has a gift; acting as catalyst, he has created an ensemble of musicians, not just eight individuals playing their notes.

Responses from MUS2550 Jazz Improv for Music Therapy

• The final project was awesome, even though it took me more time that I expected to finish it. However, it gave me more opportunities to thinking about how to use what we learned in the music therapy session.

• The several techniques we have used in class has inspired me in many ways, especially in clinical area.

• Great teacher with great passion for jazz.

• I enjoyed jazz improvisation. It would be helpful to have assignment posted prior to being assigned. I liked the source the instructor used to assign homework and information.

• I like that he made the class fun and didn’t have us so worried about grades. I especially like that he had us improvise based on feel. He taught us “feel” instead of reading notes on a page.

• John Horne is very passionate about jazz improvisation and is a great class facilitator. However, I believe the majority of the class materials is not applicable to music therapy. I wish we could have done more clinical interventions with jazz improvisation.

• Professor Horne made the class applicable to the career I will be going into, and I really appreciated that.

Feedback from Fall 2015-2016 Classes

I really needed to see these comments. I’m so thankful to know that I had a positive impact on my students despite not always being in the best frame of mind. I expected this semester to be much easier but having time to reflect on the loss of my mother often left me feeling depressed during the most unexpected times. It seemed that every day I was somehow reminded of my mother and father and everything we had been through a year earlier. Things keep getting easier, though and these comments helped remind me why I love to teach.

Responses from MUS1650 Guitar for Music Therapy

• He is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic guitar player. You know that he can play all the songs he is teaching us in his sleep, but he slows them down and makes everything very accessible.

• I love this class.

• I really appreciate the fact that the class was different styles of playing and how to spice things up, besides just learning chords and how to get sound out.

• John Horne is a patient, effective teacher. He finds the weakest link in our abilities and works thoroughly to improve our skill. He uses time efficiently and maintains and enjoyable, teachable environment at all time.

• This class is one of my favorites!

Responses from MUS1651 Guitar for Non-Majors

• Great class and great professor!

• I enjoyed the class even though i am an experienced guitar player. Professor Horne broke down songs and guitar playing methods in ways i never thought of and he made them so clear and easy to understand. Before this class i barely knew how to finger pick but now I know several different methods and have been getting better at them every time i practice. Overall this was a very enjoyable class and Professor Horne is a great teacher.

• I love John Horne as a guitar teacher. He’s very patient which is definitely needed in the profession.

• I really enjoyed this class. I was a self-taught guitarist up until this point and Professor Horne has definitely taught me skills that I was not aware of. This class is extremely fun and rewarding if you put the effort into it. I wish that there were more “non-major” guitar classes, since it served as a nice break from other tedious classes. Overall, I would and have recommended this class to anyone who is even remotely interested in learning more about music and the guitar.

• I thought that this class was fun and a nice break from all my dryer, boring classes. I have always wanted to learn to play and was very pleased with John Horne’s teaching. He was super helpful and enthusiastic. He showed a real knowledge about guitar.

Feedback from Spring 2014-2015 Classes

• Even while going through personal crisis, John Horne was so committed to our Class Folk Guitar. He is an amazing musician and teacher, and very passionate about his music and his students.

• I enjoyed his class so much!! He is a dedicated professor who never leaves anyone behind.

• I love Mr. Horne’s class.

• John Horne is an effective instructor for the class, however, I would suggest that there should be more graded assignments for the class and more opportunities to play in front of the class. This may cause more stress, however it would make the students practice more to be more prepared. I feel the class should be a little more challenging, but then again, the freedom of learning was nice to go at my own pace.

• Professor is a good teacher and also a awesome musician. He can use many ways to explain the techniques about guitar, and also being patient to correct us one by one. He is very good !!!

• Very friendly and eager to help students with anything guitar related. He had given me great advice on things such as building an electric guitar and modification of and cleaning both electric and acoustic guitars. He gives you the tools needed to improve playing in many different styles that can be built upon even after the class is done.

• He is a really great guy. Very patient and very kind

• I enjoyed the energy in the class. There wasn’t a lot of pressure to perform well all of the time and I really liked coming to class and learning to play guitar!

• Loved this class! John Horne is helpful and knows how to explain complicated concepts in an enjoyable and understandable way. He kept the class fun, and was always helpful and encouraging!

• Great learning opportunity for students led by an excellent educator