OU School Of Music Presents “Mingus-Monk-Morgan”

From the WOUB Music & Arts Blog
By Mitchell Kinnen, Photos by Sydney Good

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, the Glidden Recital Hall at Ohio University will fill with music from some of the most well-known jazz artists of the 20th century.

“Mingus–Monk–Morgan” begins at 7:30 p.m. and features the two OU Jazz Ensemble Combos, as well as Jazz Spoken Here.

The combos, led by John Horne and Alex Burgoyne, feature OU students, while Jazz Spoken Here, led by School of Music Director Michael Parkinson, is made up of OU faculty and staff, including Guy Remonko, Terry Douds, Jeremy Schaffer, Matt James and Graham Stewart.

While the full Jazz Ensembles are multi-section, 18-piece bands, the Jazz Combos are much smaller, often made up of eight or 10 musicians. According to Horne, there is a give and take when working with fewer musicians.

“Because the combos are much smaller, the composed material is less intricate, but each piece allows much more room for improvisation, personal expression and interplay between the musicians,” he said.

They will have a lot to work with too, as the program will present compositions by jazz legends Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, Lee Morgan and Miles Davis. Specific pieces include include Davis’ “Seven Steps to Heaven,” Morgan’s “Ceora” and Monk’s “Pannonica.”

“I’m looking forward to all of them, actually,” said Horne. “Each piece has its own personality.”

While Jazz Combo I features a traditional lineup of instruments, the personnel of Jazz Combo II is slightly unorthodox.

“Jazz Combo II has a very unusual instrumentation,” Horne explained. “It utilizes flute, violin, saxophone, bass clarinet and bass trombone to create very lush textures.”

While the material would be challenging for any musician, Horne feels his students are up to that challenge.

“We have to spend a little more time arranging music for the groups, but it’s always rewarding when a group finds its own unique sound,” he said.

Admission to the concert is free. For more information, visit www.finearts.ohio.edu/music or the OU School of Music’s Facebook page.

Guitar Flash Mob and Student Recital January 28 2012

After several months of scheming and planning the first ever Athens Ohio Guitar Flash Mob finally happened on Saturday morning. We met at 10:15am to rehearse and at 11:00am we encircled the farmers market shoppers in the center of the mall with 28 acoustic guitarists and launched into Don McLean’s epic song “American Pie.” Each verse featured a different singer (listed below) and everyone joined in on the choruses. By the final two choruses we had just about everyone in the mall singing along. I felt it was a great success and hope to organize a similar performance again sometime in the future. Scroll down for more information on the mob and for photos. I’ll put more behind-the-scenes information in a different post.

American Pie Flash Mob Singers
Verse 1: John Horne • Verse 2: Tag Hauschild • Verse 3: Lucas Reilly • Verse 4: Dan Wasserman • Verse 5: Charlie Houtz • Chorus Singers: Peter Babrow • Sarah Clary • Jordan Dean • Marcus Fakler • Craig Garrelts • Sydney Hardy • Zach Hitchcock • Brad Huffman • Erin Malone • Carter McCutchan • Brytton McGuire • Emersynn McGuire • Misha Mochanov • Matt Oviatt • Zach Quillen • Kyle Reynolds • Rockin’ Reggie Robinson • Sam Terkel • Madison Vassari • Nick Weckman • Mike Witter • Kevin Xiao • Ben Ziff • (Please let me know if I missed anyone!)

Following the flash mob performance I held a short student recital. The program is below.

Student Recital Program – Saturday January 28 2012

Charlie Houtz
Rock Riff Medley: Sweet Home Alabama • You Really Got Me • Back in Black • Crazy Train • I Love Rock and Roll
Star Wars – John Williams

Zach Hitchcock
Volga Boatman – Traditional Russian Folk Song
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Johnny Marks

Peter Babrow
Readymade – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jordan & Milena Dean
I Love Rock & Roll – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Tag Hauschild
Crossroads – Eric Clapton

Eme McGuire
Alchemy – Girls Dead Monster

Kevin Xiao
Home – Jack Johnson
Across the Universe – John Lennon

Justin Dowler
Layla – Eric Clapton
Blues Jam in A