Altoids Tin Pick Pack

I’ve been using Altoids tins to create “pick packs” that hold a selection of my favorite picks. I’m planning on putting one in each of my guitar cases and in my laptop bag. Each tin holds an identical selection of color-coded guitar picks:

2 Dunlop Jazz III [black]
2 Fender Heavy [premium celluloid blue moto]
2 Fender Medium [premium celluloid abelone]
2 Fender Thin [premium celluloid red moto]
1 Golden Gate Thumbpick

The colors make it easy to see the gauge of pick you’re looking for. In addition, there is enough room in the tin to hold a Planet Waves NS capo or a Shubb Capo and a few strips of 400 grit sandpaper for smoothing rough nails.

It’s a little nerdy but it’s utilitarian.

6 thoughts to “Altoids Tin Pick Pack”

  1. Nerdy? Not. Organized and useful…. yeah, that’s it. My favorite is a small ring box, just the right size for picks.

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