All Things Emily (Remler)

One of my fine students is busy putting together a website dedicated to guitar great Emily Remler. Things are still a bit rough around the edges, as the site is just beginning to take shape, but do check out when you have a chance. As the site grows it will no doubt become a great resource for those who want to learn more about her life and music.

3 thoughts to “All Things Emily (Remler)”

  1. I found the Emily-site, and Lu, and therefore also your website.
    Thanks for sharing a lot of your experience, tips, information, etc etc.
    Wishing you a very good Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    The Netherlands.

  2. Hey JOHN!!!!! long time no see! It is great to see you again (well sort of see ha!) I quit working at the guitar gallery but still teach on weekends out of my parents home in canonsburg. I a married now (can you believe a woman actually put up with me this long) for 4 years. I still collect comics (up to about 15,000 now, wife isnt happy) and guitars of course. I am still listening to jazz but my main music playing is still the prog rock stuff —Yes, ELP, Floyd, King crimson, and metal Maiden,priest, dio, etc…. But I still love listening to benson, wes and burrell alot! Anyway email me some time we can bullshit!

  3. Would definitely visit Emily Remler’s site. I need to know what type of music I would hear. Thanks for the link….

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