We are looking for a new home for our dog Daisy. She has been with us for about 10 months and is no longer getting along with our other dog, Lena. The decision to re-home Daisy is not one we came to lightly. She is dearly loved and has never been aggressive with people or children. Unfortunately we seem to have two alpha females living in our home.

Daisy is a young 40lb. hound mix with possibly some English Setter blood. She loves meeting new people, going for walks, snuggling, and knows several basic commands, and she will even follow them if you have a treat ready! She is also crate-trained, completely housebroken, spayed, and is licensed in Athens County. Daisy would make a wonderful only dog and *may* get along with a male dog.

Daisy is “free to a good home” but we want to make sure we find her a family or individual who will be a responsible and caring owner. If you or someone you know is considering adopting a dog please call 740-591-7235 and leave a message for more information.

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