2007 Spring Recital Wrap-Up

This afternoon I held my second-ever studio recital at the Front Room Campus Coffeehouse in OU’s shiny new Baker Center. I love the idea of the coffeehouse environment, but the performance space at Donkey Coffee & Espresso (where my last recital was held) is just too small to accommodate 20-plus students and their families. In addition to being a bigger room, the Front Room also has a lot of natural light, which gives it a nice open feeling especially on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The house sound man Tim Eppley was extremely helpful and understood the needs of the performers. Overall, I think it was a perfect location for the type of recital I like to present, and I may well explore setting up a series of recital dates, say once a quarter, at the Front Room.

For the record, the lineup for the event was as follows:

01. Carl Scott – Volga Boatman, Auld Lang Syne
02. Robert Fish & Avery Strickland – Jingle Bells
03. Tag Hauschild – Amazing Grace, Holy is the Lord
04. Anna Hyatt – Ode To Joy
05. David Driscoll – Scarborough Fair
06. Jason Snoddy & Kyle Young – Allegretto
07. Jacob Henry & Josh Whaley – Blues in E
08. Keanu Hallowell – Boogie Blues
09. Alex France – Home on the Range
10. Ellie Conrath – The Locomotion
11. Matt Ziff – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
12. Skyla – Blue-Eyed Dreamer, Original Composition
13. Dylan Dyer – Summertime
14. Katie Roberts – Van Dieman’s Land, Original Composition
15. Joe Baum & Matt McWeeny – Last Dance with Mary Jane, Hey Joe

Everyone did a great job! The recital lasted about 80 minutes. Other folks who were using the room for study and relaxation were respectful and seemed to enjoy the performances.

Things to keep in mind for future student performances:

• Make sure that parents are getting the notices about recitals at home. Some kids were given the recital information, but failed to pass it along to their folks until late in the planning stages.

• Get someone to take pictures. I brought my camera, but I was so busy emceeing I was unable to take photos. (If anyone has photos to share I’d love to see them!)

• I’ve been lucky to have such good sound people. I have to remember to keep this a priority in planning future events.

Finally a special note of thanks to all of my students who participated and the families who came to support them. In addition to the great performances, you were a wonderful audience! I’m very proud of all of you.

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