Guitar Instruction

What should I expect from guitar lessons?
Every student is unique. I tailor guitar lessons to your musical interests and goals while taking into account the experience and abilities you bring with you. I will use different repertoire and points of entry depending upon the student. Whether you are a beginner trying the instrument for the first time or a more advanced student working to master a specific concept or technique, I will work with you to plan a course of study that will be fun and help to make you a better player. Read my Music Teaching Manifesto for a snapshot of my philosophy.

Where, when, and how much?
Guitar lessons are held in Glidden Hall (The School of Music) on the Ohio University campus where I meet with students once a week. Lesson times are currently available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons and evenings. All guitar lessons are offered via Athens Community Music School (ACMS) at Ohio University. ACMS now handles payments and sets tuition fees. You can view pricing and find the most recent lesson registration form here: ACMS Pricing and Registration Please see the tuition rate for “Master Teacher Pricing.” Students are encouraged to register for a full semester.

Studio Policy

Updated December 2015

General Guidelines
• Arrive a few minutes early.
• Tune up your guitar and warm up prior to the lesson.
• Bring all current books and handouts to each lesson.
• A 3-ring binder is recommended for organizing lesson materials.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy
• Lessons begin at the scheduled time – not when the student arrives.
• Canceled lessons will only be made up at my discretion.
• Requests to reschedule a lesson should be made one week in advance.
• Any lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up.

Group Instruction

There are no group classes being offered at this time. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive announcements about group classes and workshops.

Skype Lessons

I am happy to work with long-distance students via Skype or FaceTime.